SpotGide - An ultimate guide to places around you

Your ultimate guide to sites around you

Go, see what's out there!

  • Over 70 millions spots
  • Over 4 millions detailed information
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Bored with the same route for your morning walk or evening bike ride?

Enter how far, or for how long you want to go and SpotGide will create alternatives, with interesting spots to see along the way.

Stuck in a hotel room, in a foreign city, with two hours to kill?

Plug it into SpotGide and go out. See places even locals may not know about.

Think you know your city or the neighborhood?

Fire up SpotGide and get surprised!

Over 70 million unique spots worldwide and growing daily!

Over 4 million with detailed description, media and web links.
from world-famous landmarks to hidden gems

Why limit yourself to the same dozen of big cities found in all the other travel guide apps?


  • Enter your location, or let SpotGide geo-locate you
  • Enter whether you walk, bike or drive
  • Enter how far, or for how long you want to go
  • Optionally narrow you preferences: general sightseeing, local attractions, etc.
  • Press "GO"

SpotGide will scan the area, find spots relevant to your criteria and create up to ten loop routes, sorted by a proprietary Attractiveness Score. Pick one and SpotGide will draw a path on the map for you to follow: all around the town, back to your starting point. Then go and enjoy.

And if you ever get tired, press “TAKE ME BACK” button, and SpotGide will find the shortest way to take you back to your starting point.

Live suggestions while you walk, bike or drive

You don’t have to plan ahead.

Turn on SpotGide when you’re on the move, enter your preferences and SpotGide will alert you, in real time, about interesting spots in front of you, or just around the corner. Take a turn to see them.

Instant recommendations

SpotGide scans area around you and gives you suggestions in real time.

Personal guide with multiple options

Suggested Routes

Mark your location and chose your criteria. Then let SpotGide create up to ten loop routes for you to enjoy.

Live Guide

Turn on SpotGide when you’re on the move. Get live alerts about interesting spots around you.

Explore New Places

Mark a place anywhere in the world and see what’s interesting around it. Then visit it one day.

SpotGide in a nutshell

Instant Routes and Directions

Get your routes fast, with all the navigational features you’re familiar with.

Proprietary Recommendation Algorithm

Nature? Culture? Sport activity? SpotGide will recommend spots and create routes based on your preferences

Optimizing Timer

Whether you have a whole day, or just a couple of hours, SpotGide will find out what’s available and possible within that time frame.

For Locals and Travelers

There is always something new and surprising to be found just around the corner; whether you’re new to the town, or have lived there all your life.

Over 70 Million Spots

… and growing! Our database is constantly expanding, allowing you to find interesting spots and routes all over the world.

Over 4 millions detailed informations

Links to websites, articles, blogs and multimedia provide valuable, extra information about those notable and important spots.